Corporate Training

Work Culture

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our training process. They say that it costs five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep an existing one. Building customer relationships for us is moving up a ladder and at top rung of the ladder are our loyal customers.

Continuous improvement is our commitment. Primary focus on service and on service and on service.

The relationship we have with each and every customer is incredibly important to us. And that means working tirelessly every day to give all our customers the best possible service at every point of contact they have with us. Whole working mechanism is built around the focus on customers. We will continue to place customers' needs first - every time.

Our corporate training processes are specifically created to cater to corporate houses - to make the engagement more efficient, cost effective and take minimum amount of time. We specialize in designing courses tailored to meet your specific needs, like Knowledge, Skills, Tools, Techniques and Participants' Profile designed to get results within your specific time frame and budget. We assure you to seamlessly integrate these programs into your convenient schedule to quickly train the employees and give them the competitive edge which is vital in today's day and age.

Transformics Consulting Solutions helps organizations to expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them to their business objectives to provide a measurable return on investment for their training Investments, creating the business justification for training expenditures. assess employee competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and create development plans to enable effectiveness and growth.


Value Proposition

Need Analysis
Defining the gap between current conditions and future goals in an organization is the first step in creating training solutions. We launch pre-training preparations with customer engagement to identify the areas of training to effect a change.

Solutions Creation
Our experienced consultants work with the client to create an overall strategy of an organization’s training initiative. They lead and execute the project by engaging in discussions with the key persons. They understand the customer’s expectations and futuristic goals for the organization and design and develop a game plan to create a customized training program. Each of these programs comes with measurable milestones to monitor progress and pace of training.

Trainer Acquisition
Trainer Identification and Acquisition team is managed by individuals with a rich experience in Operations as well as Human Resources across industries like ITES, IT, Manufacturing and BFSI. We have specialized IT Trainings as well as Soft Skills programs defined for Industries like ITES, IT, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Consulting & Banking and many more.

Training Delivery
At Transformics, we offer customized training programs that are in lieu with the organization’s operational and functional needs. We use Program Based and Module based Process Excellence Trainings/Workshops as part of delivering our training program.

Feedback and Report
We believe in the importance of customer feedback, analysis and improvement for continual and on-going learning and progress. Progress reports and feedbacks monitor the pace and progress of the training program while meetings with all the key persons are conducted at the end of the training to ensure all goals were met.


Learning Culture


Creating a learning culture within your organisation will take you one step beyond just acquiring the skills that you need to deliver its products and services. It will empower your people to achieve dramatically improved results compared to more traditional organisations, as it enables staff to:
a. easily adapt to change 
b. actually anticipate change 
c. be more responsive to the market place 
d. generate more energetic, loyal and goal oriented employees 
e. grow through innovation.

Learning cultures can be achieved in all Authorities, Industries and Companies of all sizes.

The programme will explore the "What? Why? and How?" of Learning Cultures and will challenge attendees to consider the When? -i.e. When will they start their creation of such a culture by encouraging the delegates to create Learning Culture SMART objectives for them or their working groups or departments.